Sweden 29-01-2024

705th day of full-scale war.

We were honored to help with organizing the meetings between Minister of Defense Mr. Pal Jonson and the military medics and other defense and military units who came for the rehabilitation to Sweden. Over hundred of Ukrainians had an opportunity to regain strengths thanks to our Ukrainian partner Repower Charitable foundation.

Stockholm 28-01-2024

704th day of full-scale war.

We continue our collective struggle. We thank Sweden for its great support. We believe that Ukraine will win, and the entire democratic world will win with it.

Stockholm 26-01-2024

702nd day of full-scale war.

We were honored to organize the meeting of the Minister for Foreign Affairs Mr.Tobias Billström, the Minister for Healthcare Mrs. Acko Ankarberg Johansson and the fantastic Repower Charitable foundation.