About us

Who we are

Nordic Ukraine Forum is a non-profit, non-governmental organization registered in Sweden. We are a Ukraine-Nordics initiative launched to build bridges between Sweden and Ukraine, as well as facilitate the spread of knowledge and insights. We help to spread the knowledge about Ukraine and the situation therein in Sweden, as well as share best practices of Sweden with Ukrainian civil society actors.

Such an activity is called to help expert and broader Nordic public be better informed about various developments in Ukraine and their implications for the broader international political, security, social-cultural, as well as business situation. At the same time, Ukrainian civil society and other actors may learn about Nordic best practices.


Our mission

We aim at creating communicative bridges between Nordic and Ukrainian partners. Believing that such bridges will help Ukraine create a more transparent environment in business and political processes, we strongly support the democratic development of Ukraine and work towards making it a successful democratic European country that would be appealing for investments and tight cooperation with other European countries. Among other foci of our activity are the strong emphasis on the respect for human rights, sustainable development, as well as climate change mitigation and adaptation. We, therefore, aim at strengthening ties with institutions and individuals that share our vision.

Due to russian invasion of Ukraine, our current focus is on:

  • promoting political decisions that can help stop the war and make russia pay for all the atrocities it has committed against Ukraine and Ukrainians
  • spreading information about the war in Ukraine
  • helping Ukrainians in Sweden who were forced to flee from the war
  • uniting people in Sweden willing to help Ukraine

Our statute / Наш статут / Våra stadgar

Board 2024

  • Alex Panko
  • Alina Zubkovych, head
  • Alyona Kashyna, vice head
  • Eric Adamson
  • Ganna Gladkykh

  • Ivan Sivakov
  • Maria Melnyk
  • Martin Jefflen
  • Olena Velychko