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FN-dagen 2022: FN och Ukraina

At the event dedicated to the UN-day, organized by the Swedish UN-association (Svenska FN-förening), we spoke about Ukrainians' expectations on the international community.

(Our speech is at 1:38:00 in the video).

Stockholm Pride 2022-08-06

Together with KyivPride we organised a Ukrainian group at Stockholm Pride. More than a hundred people joined us, as well as the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Sweden, Ann Linde, and the highly respected Ambassador of Ukraine in Sweden, Andriy Plahotniuk.

Ukrainian Constitution Day 2022-06-28

Lecture about Ukrainian hetman Pylyp Orlyk in historical and art contexts, dedicated to the Constitution Day of Ukraine which is celebrated on the 28th of June.

Telethon 2022-03-27

Міжнародний благодійний концерт - марафон на підтримку Ukraine Save Ukraine — #StopWar

International charity concert - marathon in support of Ukraine: Save Ukraine #StopWar


Zoom event  2020-12-10

Zoom event "Lagom Quarantine" Victoria Trostogon on Swedish literature

Zoom event  2020-05-22

Zoom event "Lagom Quarantine" Alla Myronenko on virology

Zoom event  2020-05-19

Zoom event "Lagom Quarantine" Kseniia Horoshchuk, PhD on her reseach

Zoom event  2020-05-15

Zoom event "Lagom Quarantine" Iryna Budzanivska on virology

Zoom event  2020-05-14

Zoom event "Lagom Quarantine" Michael Kann on virology

Other zoom events

2020-11-20 Hannah Khan, PhD

2021-02-10 Olena Shkarpova - Prozorro

2020-12-20 Julia Grechka - Anticorruption headquater