On February 20th 2022 we organised a manifestation in support of Ukraine and against russian aggression near the Royal Palace and the Riksdag in Stockholm.

Since the beginning of russian full-scale war on the 24th of February we have been organizing weekly demonstrations in support of Ukraine on the central squares of Stockholm. Each demonstration lasts for approximately one hour, and includes speeches by politicians and representatives of various organisations, as well as performances and songs. Demonstrations gather between 150 and 600 attendees.

These demonstrations are an important plattform for voicing Ukrainian demands, commenting on the recent developments, and gathering people who want to express their support to Ukraine and condemn russian war of aggression.

As of mid-August 2022, we have organized 27 demonstrations in support of Ukraine, coordinating approximately 350 speeches and performances, and gathering cumulatively over 10 000 participants.

Since the end of May 2022, we have been also coordinating our efforts with the Ukrainian communities around the world, in order to amplify common messages during the demonstrations.

You can see the upcoming demonstrations on our home page, and see the list of previous demonstrations on our Facebook-page.

For media coverage of our demonstrations, see Media outreach.