How to plan a donation drive at your office in 3 simple steps

 📅 1. Schedule and plan 

  • Decide start and end dates for when donations are collected (2-3 days works very well)
  • Find space for collecting donations at your office (ask your office manager)
  • Decide if it’s a fully self-service drop-off or assign a person responsible for the collection point. If possible, arrange boxes or bags with labels so that the donations can be sorted by type.
  • Signpost the collection point so that your colleagues can easily find it
  • Arrange delivery. In you are in Stockholm depending on what you have collected you can bring it to Ukrainian Volunteer Hub to send donations to Ukraine (Sveavägen 162, Sundays 14:00-18:00). If you are not in Stockholm, donate the collected items to your local Ukrainе support group or send with Postnord.

📣 2. Promote 

  • Send out an email, post on the Intranet or other channels you’re using in your organization and place posters near coffee machines. See example text below. What to include in the announcement:
    • Why - Help Ukrainian refugees
    • What to donate 👉 Donations list 
    • When
    • How and where (include map of the office if needed)
  • Send reminders


🙌 3. Thank

  • Thank everyone for their support
  • You can ask contact person to take and send a photo when donations are delivered.

Text example:

Dear colleagues,

Together we can make a big contribution and help Ukrainian refugees. We’d like to announce that a donation drive for Ukrainian refugees will be held at our office this Tue and Wed, 14th-16th of November.

You can donate warm clothes, home textiles, dry and canned food, hygiene products, basic medication and pet food. There is a big need for clothing for teenagers and adults - both for women and men, but no current need for baby clothes (children’s clothes needed only from size 104 and up). You can see the full list of needed items here 👉 Donations list

The donations can be dropped off next to the kitchen area. Please bring your donations latest by 16:00 on Wed, 16th.

The donations will go to the Ukrainian Volunteer Hub and Paws of Peace, on Sveavägen 162 and then will be transported to Ukraine.

On the Independence Day of Ukraine, August 24, these initiatives received official "Letters of Gratitude" from the Ukrainian Ambassador.

Ukrainian Volunteer Hub is collecting and sending donations to Ukraine, sent more than 1500 tons of humanitarian goods to Ukraine.. For money donations please Swish 123 09 88 212 or Bankgiro: 109-9316 with message UAaid. FB page

Paws of Peace is helping animal shelters in Ukraine. Money donations to Swish 123 43 75 283 or Bank Giro 280-8228, message "Paws of peace". FB page